“Amazing 1.5 hours of bodywork with Derik Newton... After 3 months of intense triathlon training, my body needed it. Thank You Derik!” -Kate

”...I want you to know that I valued your work so much. I’ve been pain free since our last session for the first time in two years.” - Grateful, Judith

”After visiting with Derik, I noticed immediate relief. He was able to find deep tissue problems that that my doctor overlooked, and his detailed knowledge of anatomy helped to improve the course of my treatment with my physical therapist. It seems that he has an intuitive sense for healing, easily finding the areas that cause me the most trouble and effectively working the tension away.” -Emily

”I was only able to spend 20 minutes with Derik at a yoga event, but i knew the first few seconds how healing his hands are. I have neck and shoulder pain, which I’m convinced are from years of emotional roller coasters. I felt safer in Derik’s care, and I felt immediate softening of both physical and emotional pain.” -Karl

“Derik is  an  outstanding Bodyworker.  His deep  tissue  work  unraveled  years  of  self-inflicted  tension.  I  chose  a  high  level  of  intensity  for  my  initial  session;  this  coupled  with  Derik’s  skill  and  intuition  provided  the perfect  therapeutic  balance.  I  truly  did  not  know  what  i  needed  until  i  received  it.”  - Skip

“Derik  is  intuitive and  skilled  at healing.  This is not  a relaxing  spa  massage,  his  is  a  deep  tissue  workout.  If  you  go  several  times  you  will  find  yourself  relieved  of  tightness  and  muscles  stuck  together  from  bad  posture or  injury.  Highly  recommended!”  -DVS

“Derik  is  an  intuitive  and  empathe  bodyworker.  His  knowledge  of  anatomy  and  physiology  allowed  him  to  diagnose my  issues  and  relieve  a  lit  of  my  pain  on  the  first  visit.  I  plan  on  continuing  to  use his  services  and  would  highly  recommend  him  to  others.”  -Amy

”The  sessions  with  Derik  have  been  positively  effective.  As  a  working  musician,  he  has  helped  me  to  continue  playing my  instrument  without  pain,  and  i  hope  the treatment  will  also  help  in  preventing  future  injuries.  He  is  very  professional,  knowledgeable  and  caring.  A  friend  of  mine  had  highly  recommended  him  to  me,  and  i  definitely  do  the  same  to  others!”  -C.K.